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Social Media Marketing

Create devoted brand advocates, drive leads and sales. Market one-to-one to potential customers.

Social Media has changed how we consume information forever. And the speed of change is breath-taking. While print still has its place as a marketing tool, there is no doubt that the way that we shop, socialise and gather information has changed and companies of all sizes are adapting to keep up with the fast-moving Social Media world.

Effective Social Media marketing starts with a strategy and a plan. Real engagement begins with identifying what you want to achieve. It could be more sales, more likes, more followers or more clicks to your website. Then effective engagement starts with identifying and targeting those who may have an interest in your product or service, whether consumers or businesses.

Once identified, ongoing action is required to achieve your objectives and turn your prospects into loyal customers or followers. This requires expertise and commitment, but we are social media experts.


Building a community takes time and focus. Our work includes:

  1. Identifying the key influencers within your industry sector or niche
  2. Identifying key groups and social media platforms
  3. Targeting key influencers and individuals by behaviour and interests
  4. Building your social media following by providing content of value
  5. Creating a relationship with followers through various social management tools


Creating and sharing valuable or unique content with your audience is a critical part of developing successful relationships with them. Using our proven format, we will create informative, engaging and rewarding content that is guaranteed to resonate with your audiences. Our work typically involves:

  1. Generating original infographics, videos and blogs
  2. Publishing content at the right time on the right day to increase exposure
  3. Curating industry specific news
  4. Syndicating content to maximise exposure where relevant


Social media advertising is highly targeted and can deliver a very high return on investment. We will plan, design and execute your social marketing campaign to ensure that it achieves your objectives and meets your budget. Our work includes:

  1. Detailed planning based on audience demographics, interests and timing
  2. Creating engaging artwork and/or video that is optimised for search
  3. Delivering detailed reports with highlighting key metrics and return on investment